Invictus peak

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Building Effortless Experiences

Since I was young, I have always found ways to make things easier. I look at a process and find a better way to achieve the same if not better result. I remember wanting to run my own business in helping companies to be more efficient. Here I am today do just that.

Invictus Peak has helped many companies making their visions a reality in becoming part of the digital transformation era. Our services help companies prepare for rapid growth or minimize any mundane tasks that internal teams face. Our mindset is focused on helping teams stay outside of the black box and enhance that focus on to their customers. This black box is filled with business processes that follow an IFTTT (If This Then That) process. These business processes are clear, these business process have a direct result, why can't these business processes be automated. Invictus Peak helps teams stay out of the black box and stay in the light.  Teams should focus more on their customers and have the foresight on what changes will happen around their business environment.

Our specialties are integrations around Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP, Successfactors and Workday. We also have integrated with several other API's and/or databases that have helped our clients achieve their vision. Our services also include report building, ER Diagram building and documentation of processes to help keep those auditors happy.

  • Dell Boomi - Certified Partner

  • Salesforce Administration/Development

  • NetSuite Administration/Development

  • Global Operations

  • ScrumMaster

  • PCI Compliance

  • e-Commerce

  • Data Governance

  • IPO Compliance